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Incubation period for Hcv

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  • Incubation period for Hcv

    So what is the incubation period for hcv? If I suspect I might contract it let\s say at the beauty salon, when will the first symptoms appear?

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    It varies between 2 weeks and 6 months, as a rule. HCV, however, is a cunning disease, not surprisingly is called a silent killer. The incubation period can be different for each individual person. It all depends on your immune system. If it's strong the body will fight the disease for a longer time. Wait at least one month after a potentially dangerous moment. Do not go to do the analysis right away, because analysis might be misleading. Within 6 months, you are advised to take tests at least twice.


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      had mine symptoms fail me. was diagnosed during donor blood tests. wanted to make some $$$ turned out requiring expensive pills FML